Anne Blundell

27 06 2012

Anne Blundell’s work has charm. And I love naive art. But I look at the pieces. One piece after another. And it doesn’t look childlike. It looks businesslike. And I don’t want to think that way. But there is a sense of industrial production here. I hope I’m wrong.

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2 responses

27 06 2012
Glennie Bee

I agree – from what I can tell from the repros there doesn’t seem to be anything ‘naive’ about these at all; ‘faux-naïf’, yes. It’s like she’s looked at Wallis and decided to do it ‘properly’. I too could be horribly wrong, but it seems to me there’s a certain amount of ‘learned’ technique – composition, draughtsmanship etc. – and they have the stamp of a commercial artist – an illustrator, say? – who knows exactly what she’s doing. Reminds me of Kinkade: nicer, but equally cynical. Or am I the cynic?

27 06 2012
David Halliday

now there are 2 of us in trouble.

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