Martin de Vos

22 06 2012

Vos, Martin De , a Flemish painter of the sixteenth century, was born at Antwerp in 1520, and was first entered in his profession under his father. Having made himself somewhat eminent in Flanders, he travelled to Venice, Home, and Florence, where he made a collection of curious drawings of several sorts of vases made use of by the old Greeks and Romans at their entertainments, funerals, and sacrifices. At his return into Flanders he painted some of these old festival-solemnities, in which the disposition and lively representation of these vases were very ornamental to his performance. He excelled in most branches of the art, but his drawings in particular, were reckoned some of the best and most serviceable for beginners. His colouring was strong and lively; his design natural and free, and his disposition judicious. He had so much fame in his profession, that, when the prince of Parma made himself master of Antwerp, he made De Vos a visit, and sat to him. He died at Antwerp in 1604, being eighty-four years of age.

I lived in Flanders for several years. (The Flemish part of Belgium) They love paintings. And their painters. And they love to talk. And drink. And talk some more. And they are very expressive people. Nothing is ordinary. When I see so many of their great paintings I see this conversation. This endless investigation and communication about the ways of the world. About beauty. About romance and adventure. They are in some way, northern Italians.

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Le chef d’oeuvre de Martin de Vos- Cie COLBOK by ciecolbok<br /><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Le chef d’oeuvre de Martin de Vos- Cie COLBOK</a> <i>by <a href=”; target=”_blank”>ciecolbok</a></i>



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22 06 2012

A great post, David. And I’ve always loved Maerten de Vos (as I know him). Every human being should visit Flanders during their lifetime. I go there every couple of years. Bruges is truly not to be missed.

Thanks as always!

Elliott (

22 06 2012
David Halliday

Thanks. Bruges is one of my favourite cities. My brother-in-law, a well-known cartoon artist “Ferry”, lives in Bruges.

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