Joan Proudman

9 06 2012

One of the dangers, as I see it, of art is the seduction of technology. Because the technology is new, often what passes for art is really wallpaper. The use of beautiful colours, mulitiplication of similar images, whirlpool/weightlessness of images. And the thing is, no one can be sure. Joan Proudman’s work is beautiful to look at. At first glance. Does it sustain itself? I think that is up to each viewer to decide.

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2 responses

9 06 2012
Glennie Bee

Finding something beautiful and taking pleasure from that beauty is much underrated in the art world these days. Indeed, it’s probably scoffed at. I think sometimes beauty is enough, an end in itself. And beauty is a lot more difficult to achieve than people give it credit for. The most beautiful painting in the world, for me, is Botticelli’s Annunciation – not for its ‘message’ (I’m an atheist), but for what it is: a triumph of formidable talent, skill and feeling, for want of a better word. Like Mozart’s Requiem Mass.

9 06 2012
David Halliday

You are right there. Beauty (for Plato and Einstein) is truth. My experience has been that when I create something that approaches the beautiful, I feel as if I didn’t do it. That it happened by itself. Sometimes though we mistake what’s different for what’s beautiful. We are seduced by it. Or at least that has been my experience with new technology. I have been wowed the first time I’ve see work produced by new programs. But the wow wanes when you see it done time after time.

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