giovanni girolamo savoldo – art scam

7 06 2012

giovanni girolamo savoldo

I was attracted to one image in particular. The Mary Magdalen. There are several versions on the net. I don’t know which one is the original or if there are versions. But the cloak she is wearing is spectacular. Almost looking like armor. And in several different hues it looks like a different painting.

And its up for sale. Prints. But who has the right to these prints. Certainly Giovanni won’t receive any money. So others are living off his talent. Who owns those images? Might I suggest, no one. And anyone who photographs them does not own them. If they put their photographs up for sale they should be free. Plus the cost of actually printing them. In fact most of the souvenirs in Europe should be free. People sell these prints as if they created them. And the gallery will not allow you to take pictures of the originals. What a scam.

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Chitra Ganesh

7 06 2012

…”she has a lot going on but it hasn’t quite gotten to the next step yet.”

This is what a gallery owner said about Chitra Ganesh. This is a wonderfully talented artist and this gallery owner talks about her like he/she was a judge on “American Idol”. THE NEXT STEP? What a moron!

I love this artist’s work. And she will create more great work I am sure.

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