Walter Sickert…. Jack the Ripper

31 05 2012

In 2002, crime novelist Patricia Cornwell, in Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper—Case Closed, maintained that Sickert was Jack the Ripper.[21] A psychological motivation for Sickert was said to be a congenital anomaly of his penis.[22] Cornwell purchased 31 of Sickert’s paintings, and some persons in the arts world have said that she destroyed one of them in a search for Sickert’s DNA, but Cornwell denies having done this.[23][22] Cornwell claimed she was able to scientifically prove that the DNA on a letter attributed to the Ripper and on a letter written by Sickert belong to only one percent of the population.

Its certainly intriguing. Although not fair to Mr. Sickert.

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3 responses

31 05 2012
Glennie Bee

Patricia Cornwell: – Book Closed. (And thrown against the wall.)

31 05 2012
David Halliday

(Thats too funny) Big Patricia Cornwell fan… eh?

9 01 2013
David Halliday

Reblogged this on power of h Weblog and commented:

It’s such an intriguing fantasy. A famous artist and Jack the Ripper. It reminds me of the comment made about the The Son of Sam murdered. That he was a pretty good poet.

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