Sleeping Beauty

21 05 2012

Sleeping Beauty. What a wonderful way to sleep. Die. Its not a fairy tale. The winner of two many awards to count. This is a book for the ages. 20 to 80.

Here is a blurb.

In Sleeping Beauty, winner of the 2004 Independent Publisher Award for Best Horror and winner of the 2004 Electronic Publishers Award for Best Horror, a young woman boards an airplane for an unknown destination and finds herself in a quaint village where each citizen has his own story to tell. A horrifying mystery is revealed to the young woman. Soon she discovers that the only escape from the village is murder – her own.

Snappy? No? Here’s another blurb.

It is the landscape of Eliot and Pound. Uppers and blue pills. Snow drifts and psychiatric hospitals. Streetcars and shock treatments. A delusional young woman boards an airplane hoping to escape the horrors of this world. Some time during the flight she steps off the airplane into another world. In a quaint village where she takes up residence. And then begins her search for the only person who has meant anything to her. Her grandfather. But she soon finds that this village is damned. There is no escape. But one. You must be murdered.

There was talk of making the book into a movie. But the funding wasn’t there. I had a gas bill to pay. But who knows. My daughter is in the business and she might be tempted…

Buy it here…



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