Johann Fournier

12 05 2012

Sergei Vasiliev

12 05 2012

Photographed by Sergei Vasiliev. The photos of the tattoos of Russian Criminals. The images were messages. And some of them displeased different gangs. And the authorities. Who sometimes removed the tattoos. One can only imagine the techniques used. And they wouldn’t have been expensive. An example I think where art has a significance greater than life itself.

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Fritz Lang

12 05 2012

Perhaps the most horrific crime. Committed is the murder of a child. M. Peter Lorre is creepy. The music “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg is almost annoying. The images, shadows, and reflections. This is Europe before Hitler. And there is the shadow of the German experience to come that hangs over the picture. It all seems too contemporary with our almost goolish curiosity about serial killers.

And there is in Lorre’s defense of his actions the debate about the nature of man. About good and evil. And uncertainty.