Colin Rich

9 05 2012

This guy does time lapse photography. It is incredibly beautiful. Maybe all of our lives are in slow motion. And if we could see them at their right speed we would look like those small creatures in the evening who fly in and out of existence.

Guillermo del Toro

9 05 2012

My father gave my sister and I a kiss. And then left the room. I was 4. Sandra was 3. We heard something. In the room. A breathing. And then a strange heavy voice. We both screamed.

My father hadn’t left the room. But of course we didn’t know that. We thought there was a monster with us.

Pan’s Labyrinth is a horror movie. Created in the mind of a young girl. It is a layered film. It is not a comic book. In the horror, there is something profound.

This is not for children.

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Stephen Rothwell

9 05 2012

It is as if the apocalypse has already happened.

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Stephen Rothwell is a romantic. He has taken the horrors of the industrial revolution and made it sentimental. The muted colours remind you of oil, and old rags, and coal. The work makes Victorian England, especially the industrial wastelands, seem like a wonderful experience.


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