Hans Holbein

6 05 2012

Hans Holbein was one of the greatest portrait painters of Europe. But, God his subjects were homely. Perhaps most of them were Dutch. I lived in Belgium for four years and I have to say that these same faces appear everywhere you go. And they are not pretty. But… they are honest. Straight forward. And they are amused as much by their own short comings as they are by the fate of man in the world. It is this courage that you see so often on the canvas. It says ‘this is who I am. Accept me.’

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6 05 2012

Its always fun to look at Magritte’s work again. I want one of those hats. This piece below was my homage to Magritte.

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I love Magritte. How could you not? He’s funny. And he’s Belgian. (I lived there for four years. My son was born there. My wife is Belgian. Outside of the weather, its a wonderful place on the planet.) Magritte has affected many artists. But it is his love by the public that is so interesting. No one asks if his work is art. They just smile.

I created one piece with Magritte in mind.

This is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article on Magritte.

Magritte’s work frequently displays a juxtaposition of ordinary objects in an unusual context, giving new meanings to familiar things. The representational use of objects as other than what they seem is typified in his painting, The Treachery of Images (La trahison des images), which shows a pipe that looks as though it is a model for a tobacco store advertisement. Magritte painted below the…

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