Matthew Cook

4 05 2012

this work is just outstanding. something about watercolors and war. it makes combat almost look peaceful

William Mortensen

4 05 2012

Jean Harlow was the original ‘blonde bombshell’. I just don’t know what that expression means.

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William Mortensen seems preoccupied with sexual themes in his work. He is often contrasting ideal beauty with ideal ugliness. In my view he is contrasting a kind of idealized existence that humans imagine themselves living in against the real ugliness and indifference of life. His work is arresting. And there is a voyeur aspect to it. And in that sense we are on the outside looking in. The viewer is not part of either of Mortensen’s views (beauty/ugly) (madonna/monster). Mortensen’s work is all photographic. By that I mean he doesn’t appear to use cut and paste.

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Bruce LaBruce

4 05 2012

Bruce LaBruce. Most of his work would not appeal to a general audience. Or maybe any audience. It sometimes seems adolescent in its obsession with gore. And sex. I’m not sure what to make of it. With the spread of AIDS, the experiences of many gay men has been horrific. They have seen friends, family, lovers die. At very young ages. They have experienced many of the same nightmares as people who have lived through plagues, wars, and famine. And they have lived this experience in the middle of Pleasantville. Or what must have seemed like it. I don’t know if this gives any one the license to create filth. But I think I have to give LaBruce some space.

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This trailor isn’t for everyone. It wasn’t for me. Mostly because I found it crude without being interesting or funny.

Vladimir Clavijo

4 05 2012

I found these photos so haunting and… not odd, not perverse… strange.