El Greco

27 04 2012

Everytime I look at El Greco, I find him stranger. Time to read a biography. Or a good documentary.

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When I see an El Greco painting, I think I see Dali. His longated figures remind me of Modigliani. The angels and saints and all the religious paraphernalia of his age (the anti-gravity illusions) remind you of Magritte and the surrealists. And the paintings of crowds remind me of some collage works. And yet he was a figure of the 16th and 17th century. His work must have looked very odd to those people.

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Yanzhou Bao

27 04 2012

I loved the colours in this photographic/fashion collection. Yanzhou Bao is the photographer.  It as if the pics are bleeding.

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“Color of Beats”

Designer: Hailey Chan

MUA: Vivi Suzuki
Model: Danielle (Bravo models ,Tokyo Japan)
Photographer: Yanzhou Bao

Homicide: Now and Then

27 04 2012

Death comes in the quiet of our thoughts. When we were looking the wrong way. At the moon being smothered by a cloud. It begins in panic. Thrashing out. We want to live. Something standing over us. Waiting for our last breath. Murder. Now and then.

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27 04 2012

This artist has been one of my favourites. Partly because the technique he uses is so fascinating. Make sure you go to his sight. Its quite a ride.

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Perhaps the greatest response I have had to a blog is the blog I did on Rauzier. Sometimes you just want to cry. You see something that is so interesting. Intriguing. Something you never thought of. (Until you wife tells you what it reminds you of). Its called hyperphotos. Take some time at this sight and… (forgive me)  you’ll blow your mind.

You must go to the sight to get the effects. You will not be disappointed.


There is an interesting interview with him in English.


His work reminds me of the Flemish painter Van Eyck.

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