Paul Cadden

25 04 2012

Hyperrealism by Paul Cadden.

“Although the drawings and paintings I make are based upon a series of photographs video stills etc, The art created from the photo is used to create a softer and much more complex focus on the subject depicted, presenting it as a living tangible object. These objects and scenes in my drawings are meticulously detailed to create the illusion of a new reality not seen in the original photo.” Paul Cadden.

He only uses graphite and chalk. But I’m still not sure I get it. I get the Flemish painters in the middle ages. Van Eyck and others. What does a hyperrealist artist bring out that a photographer couldn’t? Especially since the original basis for the image is a photograph. Perhaps this is an ongoing debate. And the answer is the work itself.

I like Cadden’s work. But I feel that its being presented as an athletic accomplishment.

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