Edwin Georgi

21 04 2012

The pin up girl. The fantasy of the girl next door beauty. Pulp novels and movies, melodramas are filled with her presence. She is a male ideal. Not exactly. She is an ideal captured and cultivated by the fashion, make-up, and advertising world. Almost every First Lady has looked like her. Edwin Georgi is one the artists who has made his career around her. And yet. She does not exist. In an ironic twist she has almost no sexual content. She is a tease. And that is her allure. But why do women want to be like her. Vanity. I suppose.

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Catherine Abel

21 04 2012

The paintings of Catherine Abel are seductive. But is it the women?  Or the age they reflect? Many are what my mother used to call ‘big boned’. They seem real. At the same time they appeal to a nostalgic vein in all of us. Which leaves me in a quandry. (Is that where they find marble?) What am I looking at?

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21 04 2012

These are much more effective than I would have thought. They are a little mesmerizing.


I took the red eye from San Diego to the east coast yesterday in order to meet my mother , sister, godmother, and 6 other friends of ours at  Arrowmont School of the Arts and Crafts.  I’m taking “glass beads” which means I’m operating a blow torch and melting glass rods into “round” shapes.  My work product is very, let’s just say, “arty” (oval, pear, not round).

Ho Ryon Lee may have been inspired by jet lag when he conceived of these “double vision” paintings.  Dizzingly delightful!

Gallery representation: Galerie Bhak

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