Thomas Kinkade

9 04 2012

I used to see Kinkade’s paintings or paintings like them hanging from the walls of the Sears stores. And later in the homes of my relatives. What can you make of them? I find them a mystery. People say that they tug at their heart. And they match the couch. Kinkade felt as if he was the most popular artist of his time. Warhol ended that fallacy when he produced his Campbell Soup Cans. Of course soup cans aren’t art. But is Kinkade?

What will people think of this work generations from now? Will they speak to them? Will they tell them anything about us? That we were living in a dream world. But that is true of most people at most times.

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I have an idea. Of how to make Kinkade into an artist. But I’m not sure if I can get away with it.

Shintaro Ohata

9 04 2012

One of our art teachers is asking for styro-foam. For his class. Kids have done some inventive and creative things in the past with this material. But not like Shintaro Ohata.

Shintaro Ohata is a Japanese artist from Hiroshima who depicts a creative approach of polystyrene sculptures infront of paintings like movie scenes with an unique touch in his light works.

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