Yuri Laptev

4 04 2012

This guy can just draw. What beautiful work. With a kind of surreal collage imagination. The muted colours give the pieces a feel of work from some time in the 19th century.

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James Lima

4 04 2012

This video is commercial. But the collage affects in it are wonderful. There are a bunch of people responsible for the video. James Lima directed it.

4 04 2012

This work is so compelling. Reaching at times something beyond pulp culture.

DJ Storm's Blog

Comic books have been a staple in pop-culture for generations.  Some of the more iconic super heroes have even become idolized by celebrities and fans alike.  Shaq has an obsession with Superman, (and eve I’ve been consumed by the character of Tony Stark as well) but no matter who makes a fuss about their favorite heroes, the artwork that brought those heroes to life is what solidifies them in our minds.  Check out 30 examples of the greatest comic book to be published.

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