Han van Meegeren

17 03 2012

This is a beautiful painting. A young woman playing a musical instrument. She is saying, ‘the art world is shit!’ Money and oil do not mix. In the 17th century. Nor in the 21st century. This painting is not a Vermeer. It is a van Meegeren. It is a fake. Or at least the signature on the painting at the bottom. Those who focus on the painting’s qualities, love it. Those who focus on money, want it destroyed. The art world today is filled with fakers. Not the artists. But too many of those who write about art, who display art, who spends vast fortunes to acquire art. They are the forgers.

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17 03 2012

I like cats. I know that dogs are man’s best friend. But I find these animals disturbing. They seem to be coming for you.


Check out these amazing and disturbing underwater shots of dogs chasing a tennis ball by Seth Casteel. 20120216-161100.jpg





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