4 03 2012

When I was living in Belgium there were a lot of small shrines in the town I lived in. They were old. Most of them had built in the last century. Sometimes they were in towns. Sometimes in the middle of fields. people put flowers or candles in them. I’d like to see things like this in Toronto. Not especially for the religious aspects but just a place to stop and rest. Take a deep breath. Slow down.


I love these “edicole votive” and I always take photos of them when I encounter them on my way as they are one of the first form of street art. They are little wall shrines meant to protect a house or a street, a field or a particular dangerous crossroads. They are often built to fulfil an “ex-voto” or a vow.

These shrines comfort and support everyone, both the village inhabitants and the occasional passers-by.

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Andy Kehoe

4 03 2012

I don’t know if they are brothers. Andy Kehoe and Ben Kehoe. Of course they could be the same artist. Like Vincent and Van Gogh. They are both amusing. In an offbeat and satirical way. Even their mother can’t tell them apart. Unless they have 2 mothers. Andy’s work does remind me of the Canadian north. And that great hero, Dudley Do-right. Of the Mounties.


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