Rafal Olbinski

28 02 2012

You can see Magritte. And Dali. I could go on. There is nothing wrong with having influences. And this artist has ideas. But he is not brilliant. Accomplished sounds insulting. And that is not my intent. But no matter how much I respect his work, I can’t help but thinking that I’ve seen each piece before.

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2 responses

28 02 2012

I agree. We have seen this before. However, nice skill in producing.

28 02 2012
Polly Hoyt Nance

I agree as well… not very original although I do see his brain working to think of ideas but I’m not sure his work quite plays out like the themes and complexities of Magritte or Dali. Interesting post… I love how you post artists and their work with a thoughtful, critical eye… I believe it helps others understand a work of art either works or doesn’t work. Thank you again for a great post 🙂

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