Let me dance… I mean sing…

25 02 2012

Two of my goals in life. Dreams really. Bucket List. Someone else’s. I wanted to be a professional boxer. Like Muhammed Ali. I could take a punch. And an opera singer. I am tone deaf. Of course I shall become neither of these. And age has nothing to do with it. Check out this market. Its one of my fantasies.

Robert Carlos Clarke

25 02 2012

Robert Carlos Clarke stepped in front of a train. I have found his images disturbing. But are they coloured by his death? There are many disturbing images in the arts. I have created a few myself. And I’m sure that there is some writer of Hallmark Cards who has put the barrel of a 45 in his mouth. And emptied out his head. I have theorized in the past that it is only minor artists whose work reflects their mental state. That great artists can reflect any mood, atmosphere, idea no matter their disposition.

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