Thomas Woodruff

3 02 2012

Woodruff’s work is very dark. I mean… dark. I’m not sure about his images. Many times they look iconic. Tigers. Daggers. He is the kind of artist that you either love or hate. I like most surreal work. Which makes me wonder why I’m not crazy about his work. I like it. But my reaction is rather tepid. On the other hand, I’m hungry.

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An interview with T. Woodruff



2 responses

3 02 2012

Have you ever seen a work in person? Or a whole exhibition? I think that would change your reaction.First you say you either have to love it or hate it, then you say you’re tepid, but you like it. I guess his work is sucessful then because you are not certain about the feelings you have while looking at it, which is a real sign of challenging and important work.

3 02 2012
David Halliday

Seeing original work makes a huge difference. The first time I saw a Van Gogh in a gallery I was disappointed. On the other hand some of the impressionists that I saw in Paris wiped me out. And I do think your opinion of a work can depend on your state of mind when you see it.

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