29 01 2012

Normally I don’t like dolls. As art. But these have a creepy feel to them. Like they were almost alive.

Memento Mori

Above are the works of doll artist Gail Lackey,  are they not the most amazing dolls you have ever seen?! I have been saying for the longest time that i will start making dolls and puppets ut between my tattoo studio and the second jobI do I dont have any time right now to much but work! My boyfriend got my a sewing machine to encourag me so I might tryt o learn how to use it tomorrow night! Her dolls faces have the most wonderful expressions and the detail in her costumes are outstanding, she must have incrdible pacience! I will pack now bits and bobs to make a box stage prop to make on the train back to cork now, will post pics tomorrow!

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30 01 2012
Sam Flowers


Dolls you might buy. For your parents not your children. For your aunts and uncles not your nieces and nephews!

Adult dolls that you don’t have to hide beneath the bed! Though perhaps you still should if you are susceptible to nightmares!

30 01 2012
David Halliday

There was a Seinfeld episode about George’s mother’s doll. That looked like her. It was pretty funny.

30 01 2012
Sam Flowers

I remember that Seinfeld episode. That was a scary looking doll – with all due respect to George’s mother!

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