Albert Speer

28 01 2012

What is beauty? Is it’s appreciation reserved for the pure of heart?

Albert Speer is an interesting fellow. And a frightening one. Because he raises the question that many of us don’t appreciate. We assume that art is associated with the good. That beauty is not part of the make up of monsters. Hitler himself was a second grade artist. But so was Churchill. So are most artists.

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28 01 2012

Unfortunately, many do believe in the myth that all artists are benevolent, humanitarian, compassionate and loving.

For decades, tremendous amounts of art have been devoted to stifling weapons of moral destruction. While that is, there are just as many artists who openly and deliberately create music, illustration and sculpture to perpetuate ignorance and hatred. Their message is getting out just as loud and clear.

Some would be shocked to discover that there is an actual large scale art war being waged each day. Some may be even more surprised to find that certain artists, who would be expected to encourage equality for all, are really promoters of prejudice.

Let’s also face the fact that some art that is meant to uplift all of humanity can sometimes intentionally or unintentionally contribute to our downfall.

I’ve been an active combatant in this secret attrition for many years now, and although I can swear that I’ve never successfully eliminated enough saboteurs of world unity, I know that I must continue to do battle until the day I die.

28 01 2012
David Halliday

My thoughts were focused on the disney like image of the artist. Some artists are not nice people. A lot are egoists. And some art is not meant to edify but propoganize (ie. the church).

28 01 2012
David Halliday

Is propoganize a word?

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