You must be murdered

27 01 2012

It is the landscape of Eliot and Pound. Uppers and blue pills. Snow drifts and psychiatric hospitals. Streetcars and shock treatments. A delusional young woman boards an airplane hoping to escape the horrors of this world. Some time during the flight she steps off the airplane into another world. In a quaint village where she takes up residence. And then begins her search for the only person who has meant anything to her. Her grandfather. But she soon finds that this village is damned. There is no escape. But one. You must be murdered.

Sleeping Beauty, winner of the 2004 Independent Publisher Award for Best Horror and winner of the 2004 Electronic Publishers Award for Best Horror.

Wiyono Sutjipto

27 01 2012

Wiyono Sutjipto is thinking outside the box. Thats the box the parts come in. Think IKEA. And if there are pieces missing. Well, you improvise. Drill a few holes. Of your own. Rip off a piece of fire wood. Now you have arms on the end table. Wiyono has taken Ikea to the next level. Caring for that abandoned furniture by training it to act like art. He even helps out the homeless. Art. So drag that old couch back into the house. Rip it apart. Assemble it again. After a few drinks. And voila!… There it is. Outside. In the garbage. Again.

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