Shusei Nagaoka

5 01 2012

Shusei Nagaoka graced the album covers of many groups in the 70s and 80s. Electric Light Orchestra, and Earth Wind and Fire to name 2. Most of his work was Sci-Fi illustrations. He was one of those artists who foresaw the sheeness and cleanness of futurism. His space ships never have rust. It fits into the Star Trek conception of space travel. It is very optimistic art. Almost fantasy like. What must have looked cool at the time is showing its age. Its almost a 60s stereotype. Naive. Romantic. and Far Out.

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8 01 2012
Sam Flowers

Album covers lent themselves well to art – enough size for a good canvas – even without the gate-fold.

But they were never going to survive the migration to CD pressings – certainly not the busy seventies art anyway – the more minimalist covers such as the Warhol Velvet Underground Banana album do.

And now digital downloads – does anyone even care about the images that come with the MP3 albums and singles let alone need them on their music players? Though I would think an iPad or other tablet would lend itself well to album art.

I remember buying albums and singles on the strengths of their covers alone – it meant I had some good artwork in my collections even if the music did not always match!

8 01 2012
David Halliday

When we used to first listen to an album, I think we always held the cover in our hands, and looked at it. Examined it. It gave you something to focus your eyes on while you listened.

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