31 01 2012

This is an amusing film on surrealism. Except for the sound. That is jerky. And not part of the film. Which goes to show what happens in this life when you’re trying to be a smart ass. No credit was given for the film. Which may be part of the idea. Of the film.

This video was one of the winners of the Guggenheim Bilbao Surrealist Film Competition and was screened there in September 2008. It was part of a series called “3 minute film school” for a programme called Film Night and inspired by Bunuel, Dali etc.

Of course I could be wrong.

Frieke Janssens

31 01 2012

This Belgian photographer has the usual Belgian sense of humor. The Belgians like the Newfoundlanders are two of the most humorous people on the planet.  If you go to Brussels, you will see a man or woman laughing on every street corner. And some of them are from Newfoundland.  Frieke Janssens‘ work has appeared in many periodicals. Quite a name in advertising. A lot of fun at parties. And he likes fart jokes. Apparently.

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31 01 2012

This is Hitchcock’s sense of humor. Except with a ‘u’.




Alma Hitchcock’s cooking is to die for.

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Richard Tennant Cooper

30 01 2012

I have a friend who is obsessed. Perhaps interested is more charitable. With health. She knows a lot. Whereas I know almost nothing. I trust my doctor. She trusts no one. Richard Tennant Cooper must have been terrified of disease. And the unconscious  horrors of dreams. Being sick. Being unconscious with pain. Or drugs. I love this work. But not his obsession. I think if you could see all the diseases, viruses, and germs around us you would shoot yourself. If you had the nerve to pick up the gun.

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Dylan vs. Warhohl

30 01 2012

We had a film festival in University. Imagine that. And one of the films was a Warhohl. 12 hours or so long. Of the Empire State Building. There was no seating after the first five minutes. 12 hours of watching a building. From up high. From another tall building. Well here we have a shorter version. 3 minutes or so of a young Bob Dylan. Its a screen test. I think Dylan flunked. So if you have a few extra minutes in your life, try watching it. Actually Dylan is very watcheable. And he’s not as tall as the Empire State Building.

El Mac

29 01 2012

This guy uses a spray can like a knife. His work is outstanding. In this video he talks about his experience in Vietnam. It is a country I have wanted to visit for some time. I would just like to be comatose for the flight. And woken up there.

It would be something if the city of Toronto could commission El Mac to do a piece on the side of a building here. Especially on one of our new 30 story condos.

29 01 2012

Normally I don’t like dolls. As art. But these have a creepy feel to them. Like they were almost alive.

Memento Mori

Above are the works of doll artist Gail Lackey,  are they not the most amazing dolls you have ever seen?! I have been saying for the longest time that i will start making dolls and puppets ut between my tattoo studio and the second jobI do I dont have any time right now to much but work! My boyfriend got my a sewing machine to encourag me so I might tryt o learn how to use it tomorrow night! Her dolls faces have the most wonderful expressions and the detail in her costumes are outstanding, she must have incrdible pacience! I will pack now bits and bobs to make a box stage prop to make on the train back to cork now, will post pics tomorrow!

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Takahiro Kimura

29 01 2012

I have always been a huge fan of Kimura’s work. Its brilliant. Now a short animation has been created of his work by Rui Miyoshi which is very interesting. I’m not crazy about the song attached to it. Its lulling. And I just woke up. From my nap. I’ll listen to it this evening while I’m drinking myself to sleep. This whole project is well worth investigating. Did I say drinking? I meant thinking.

David Garland – The Long ViewMusic performed by David Garland, Sean Lennon, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and Vashti Bunyan. From Garland’s album Conversations with the Cinnamon Skeleton.
Conversations with the Cinnamon Skeleton

Directed by Takahiro Kimura
Animated by Rui Miyoshi

Albert Speer

28 01 2012

What is beauty? Is it’s appreciation reserved for the pure of heart?

Albert Speer is an interesting fellow. And a frightening one. Because he raises the question that many of us don’t appreciate. We assume that art is associated with the good. That beauty is not part of the make up of monsters. Hitler himself was a second grade artist. But so was Churchill. So are most artists.

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You must be murdered

27 01 2012

It is the landscape of Eliot and Pound. Uppers and blue pills. Snow drifts and psychiatric hospitals. Streetcars and shock treatments. A delusional young woman boards an airplane hoping to escape the horrors of this world. Some time during the flight she steps off the airplane into another world. In a quaint village where she takes up residence. And then begins her search for the only person who has meant anything to her. Her grandfather. But she soon finds that this village is damned. There is no escape. But one. You must be murdered.

Sleeping Beauty, winner of the 2004 Independent Publisher Award for Best Horror and winner of the 2004 Electronic Publishers Award for Best Horror.