Alfred Hitchcock

23 12 2011

Perhaps one of the most beloved directors of horror and mystery. Strange that we love those that scare us to death. Like an uncle who throws you up in the air. And then forgets to catch you. Besides film, he was also a talented fine art artist. (i couldn’t think of anything else for someone who draws, sketches etc.)

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Trailer to a movie

23 12 2011

I discovered this video at Stephen Poag’s blog. It is so interesting that I wanted to rush out to watch the movie. But apparently, there is no movie.

This is what the creator or editor of this piece has to say:

echnically, this is the very definition of a mashup project. That’s why you might…uh…recognize some of the source footage. Part of the impetus for the video was a desire to get more experience editing. Piecing together the footage with the edit cues taken from the music track, and then inserting the sound effects mix afterwards, certainly helped accomplish that. From that standpoint I think the video is a good bit of work, but I’d be interested in hearing any feedback you might have.

You can find more Call of Cthulhu props at and a more “Hollywood” style version of this trailer at .