Alan Healy

15 12 2011

I was only a runt. Not of the litter. But of the herd. Moos. On Prince Edward Island. My grandfather’s farm. For hours I would sit on a fence and watch the cows. The rest of the family thought that my mother had reared a strange one. But I was fascinated. A six year old boy thought the cows had something to say. They would chew their cud and look at me. Didn’t they know what was going to happen to them? Butchered. Except I was wrong. They were milk cows. Still the thought passed through my mind. And they seemed content. No. More than that. They were¬† huge. And they seemed happy. I’ve never seen creatures that big that were happy. Elephants in zoos look like that have Tourettes. Tigers and lions look like they’re suffering from dementia. And rhinos. They just look pissed. But cows. They smiled like gods.

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Alan Healy seems to love cows more than me. Well, he does have more Irish in him.

There is a beautiful song on this video.