Fabrice Wittner

30 11 2011
This is one artist’s reaction to a tragedy in his community. He speaks better than I about  his state of mind.
After the 6.3 quake occurred in Canterbury NZ, people were involved to help their neighbors, to rebuild houses, to clean the street or to make donations. I wanted to contribute by doing something too, giving what I was able to, some of my time and skills. Giving support to my friends, to the men and women I met, who told me their stories. I liked somehow to show this support and admiration to all those people I don’t even know but who stand strong facing this drama with courage and humility.It’s also important to me not to forget the loss when the main thought is about to rebuild.
I might be a ridiculous rain drop in the ocean of help Christchurch got from every part of the country, but I definitely wanted to be a part of it.
This project has been submitted to the Christchurch City Council. The donation of prints didn’t find any reply yet – everybody can understand that they may have some bigger preoccupations right now – but I’d still like to give it some exposure.

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2 responses

30 11 2011
Polly Hoyt Nance

I’m so glad you posted this… I came across these images and story about those helping out and actually thought about writing you an email about a possible future post. Not that you really need help with material, but it just reminded me of other works you’ve posted… like your own. 🙂 Thank you for such a beautiful post. It’s nice when you come across “good” news of people helping others out, such as this. I don’t know if you’ve seen my blog lately, but I’ve been working on a project that is selling handwoven rugs and all proceeds to to this non-profit that aims to find affordable housing and jobs for homeless and low-income individuals. I did most of the photography on their website… my product shots need to get better but they have recently posted interviews with the weavers (one of the jobs they give to women). Anyways, it’s called re:loom if you care to check it out. There is a link on my blog. And sorry for the long comment and possible recap if you’ve already read my blurbs about the project. Love your blog posts as always! Keep up the incredible, inspiring posts and artwork! 🙂

1 12 2011
David Halliday

I did check it out and its a wonderful thing being done. congrats on your contribution

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