Yoko Ono

29 11 2011

Yoko Ono is an iconic figure in American culture. Her relationship with John Lennon has made her one of the most despised women in the world. And yet she has done little to deserve it. Her art seems pretentious. Or brave. She has been a very provocative figure. Never warm and fuzzy.

Most of her work is conceptual art. By nature, it is controversial. She is also part of the installation art world. And then there is her audio work. A lot of her singing sounds like screaming. You have to listen to a little of John Cage to get an idea where she’s coming from.

Yoko may not be your cup of tea. I admit there is a bitter taste to her ideas and her art. An acquired taste. But like most artists/or non-artists who put themselves far out there, I shall give her the benefit of the doubt. As long as they don’t take themselves too seriously. And I’m a big John Lennon fan.

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