Saturday Night at the Movies

27 11 2011

A friend of mine. His son. Had a job as the movie reviewer of his high school newspaper to. Well you guess it. Review movies. But he didn’t have a budget. And didn’t want to spend his own money. Being a resourceful lad, he reviewd the posters outside the movie theatres. Which reminds me. How many times I stood in lines. Outside of movie theatres. In rain. In snow. Freezing. And staring at the posters that advertised the movie. Sometimes the posters were better than the movies. I have listed here twenty of my favourite movies, by showing you their posters. Perhaps in a future blog I will list my favourite posters.

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3 responses

27 11 2011
Sam Flowers

Funny, I had a similar thought this evening whilst watching a very good film on DVD – An Education – but first having to watch trailers for other films, and wondering just how many trailers in general are better than the films themselves – that have condensed all the best bits and left the rubbish out – 90, 95%!?

27 11 2011
David Halliday

Trailers. You’re right. Some movies, especially comedies are disappointing when the best jokes, one liners are in the trailer.

27 11 2011

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