Money corrupts? Absolutely.

27 11 2011

There is something wrong. With the art world for one. Its the money. Albert Henry Robinson was a Canadian artist until his death in 1956. He spent some time in his younger days in Paris. Studying art. 1903. With American artist T. W. Marshall. There must have been more artists than Parisians at the turn of the century. But there is no mention that he ever met any of the great artists of the time. In short, he was a small town artist. Recently some of his work went on sale. A couple found his paintings in their attic. One piece sold for $22,500. Another for $47,500. Who is reaping the rewards for this artist’s work? Not he. He be dead. Not his immediate family. Maybe his grandchildren. Most likely the harvest of his work will find its way into the coffers of banks or galleries. I think there is a lesson here. If you want to become successful in the arts. In Canada. (And maybe other places.) Become a banker.



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