Franz Roh

27 11 2011

Apparently Roh was the one who coined the phrase ‘magic realism’. He was an art critic and photographer. He was associated with the ideas of Husserl and Heidegger. (Maybe they’re easier to read in German.)

“the autonomy of the objective world around us was once more to be enjoyed; the wonder of matter that could crystallize into objects was to be seen anew.”

That of course would be a short lived appreciation. If the world around us was so separated from us, we were separated from it. And ourselves.

But I like Roh’s work. It is very inventive. And brave, I think. Given the world (the rise of Fascism, and two world wars) he tried to work in. The paintings here are not Roh’s work (Franz Radziwill) but he had plenty to say about them.

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