26 11 2011

Hajek-Halke was a German photographer. (1898 – 1983) He worked on a lot of montage work that looks very much like contemporary collage. A lot of his work focuses on the female nude. His description as an anarchist is not all that clear to me. His work is now more appreciated for its financial than its artistic merit. That of course is not the artist’s fault. But as I look around the net all I see is ‘for sale’ signs beside his work.

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The Mystery of Edwin Drood

26 11 2011

I loved Charles Dickens as a young writer. The most unsatisfactory book I read of his was his last. Written. Never finished. So I took the title of his book and attached it to my own. The stories were changed to protect…

Edwin Drood dies. But why? His girlfriend never understood him. Though she feared for her life at times. His enemies were numerous. But would they kill one of their best dealers. Did he cheat someone in a drug deal? Or was it something else. About the world. About himself.

I lived this short novel. Almost. I wasn’t a drug dealer but everything else fit. Except the ending.

This is a free download. So its cheap. But still a good read. On your short journey to work.


Lori Nix : And the third side

26 11 2011

As the economic world seems to be spinning out of control. Spiralling down. Like a Fokker D.VIII. There have been a lot of apocalpytic films made. For the baby boom generation it has been the Mad Max series.

And so we have Lori Nix. Who creates mini-apocalpytic scenes then photographs them. Our interest, does it mean anything? Are we preparing ourselves for a world that we fear may be coming.

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There is a civil war beginning in America. And it is over money. There are 3 sides. 1. The very rich. 2. The poor, educated, middle class, working class, and unemployed.  3. And the third side – mercenaries.