Leonid Tishkov

21 11 2011

Leonid Tishkov has obsessions. Living under the U.S.S.R. he seems to be deeply imbedded in the tradition of Russian story telling. And thus installations. His obsession if I may call it that with the moon is both romantic and sentimental. It is the same moon wherever he goes. Of course. But you see for youself. And check out his sight. He has a lot to say.

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Chris Mars

21 11 2011

Like something from the Plague. This tour of horror. Like so much horror material, it seems to be rooted in the Black Death in Europe. Interesting to a point. But in his movie it is a struggle to pay attention. First you don’t know where it’s going. It is not a comedy. So pay attention.

This is the movie Mr. Mars created.