Chris Landreth

16 11 2011

Its called Ryan. It could be a story about artists I have known. Maybe about myself to some extent. Maybe about all of us as we grow older.

This is one terrific animation. You have to see it several times, so interesting are the visuals. This is probably the most interesting film you will see this week. It was for me. (Maybe that’s a little presumptuous on my part.)

Mac Premo

16 11 2011

I like this video. The guy is an artist. The guy is a hoarder. Which is it? It is an interesting video. Mac is moving to a smaller studio. You know the problem. It’s obvious, isn’t it. Well, he resolves the question of whether he is an artist or a hoader. It is called The Dumpster Project.

Here are a couple of vids by Mr. Premo. They are short and amusing. They move like type as you type. Well worth watching.