End of the world

8 11 2011

I saw these pics on another blog. About the art of the end of the world. Fascinating stuff.http://apocalypseart.tumblr.com/ This has beenone of my interests since college when I took a course on these apocalyptic forces. I then set out to write a book about the next year of the apocalypse. The year 2000. I worked on the book on and off for a decade. It was a novel called… the name eludes me. I finished the book in 2001. Well, the time had passed. Publishers who might have been interested, lost interest. This apocalyptic blog is fascinating.

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Carried Away

8 11 2011

Once you get over the highly romanticized philosophy here, this is a delightful little video. And it brings together many of the attributes of both collage and surrealism.

This short animated film is an impressionistic reflection on the creative process. Using black-and-white photographs (representing reality), overlaid with animated colour drawings (representing fantasy), it illustrates the artist as he braves creative storms, indulges spontaneous bursts of inspiration and learns, by trial and error, to harness his creative powers.

Created by

Carried Away http://www.nfb.ca/film/carried_away/