Drux Flux

7 11 2011

Part figurative, part abstract, Drux Flux is an animated short comprised of fast-flowing images showing modern people crushed by industry. Inspired by One-Dimensional Man, by philosopher Herbert Marcuse, the filmmaker deconstructs industrial scenes and their terrifying geometry to show the inhumanity of progress.

This short piece has the flavor of a Soviet style propoganda film. And yet its purpose seems the opposite of its visual effect. It is very impersonal. Unrelentless. And I had a physical reaction to it. Revulsion. And perhaps this was the producer’s end.

by Theodore Ushev


Giorgio de Chirico

7 11 2011

He’s depressing. His work is melancholic. There is an emptiness. A deadness. Like ruins. It reminds me of the television series The Martian Chronicles. And yet I find myself drawn to his work. I’m not sure why. Is there something of the ‘truth’ in his work. Does art stand against the universe. As a lonely cry.

I had this dream about an alien landing on the planet. You never see what he looks like. But he is exploring. There are no humans on the planet. There is no life at all. And yet he hears weeping. Everywhere he goes. And then he discovers the source of the weeping. It is the shadows. This is what de Chirico’s work reminds of.

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