Quentin Trollip

5 11 2011

Quentin Trollip’s work. How do you define it? Art or a skill? Does it say anything about the human condition? Or is it just fun? And why am I asking? Should we just enjoy what he does. Its certainly odd. It is origami. Each sculpture folded from an uncut square.

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Jean-Thomas Bedard

5 11 2011

Fabulous collage video about the power of advertising.

By Jean-Thomas Bedard



Keith Donald

5 11 2011

Keith Donald’s work harkens back. To a romantic time. That never existed. A retro 19th century industrialism. Of course its a fantasy world. Filled with the optimism that must have existed amongst the inventors of the 20th century. That so much of that hope led to imperialism and 2 world wars is another topic. This fantasy is akin to the Arthurian fantasy of the early middle ages. Before the plague, the Peasants Revolt, the Protestant Reformation. But Mr. Donald’s work is lovely to look at.

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