Sounding like a snob

4 11 2011

Who invented bad taste? Did it go right back to those cave drawings? Was there a second cave with neon pics of babes? Well some would say that its modern re-inventor was Edgar Leeteg. He was, apparently, responsible for the invention of black velvet paintings. This is art that appeals to the 12 year old in us. I say 12 year old, because anyone younger has a better idea what art is. But a 12 year old is concerned with things that are ‘cool’. But velvet paintingsĀ  are bought by folks from all ages. And proudly hung in their living rooms. They appeal to both the ‘gay bachelor’ and the ‘middle-aged grandmother’. I would guess that rich people never buy them. This is the art of the climbing middle-class. With little education. Who aspire to have some class in their life.

The pictures range from Elvis to the Last Supper, from a nude to a lion, from Hawaii to a bowl of fruit. I have included one of my own pieces in this menage. Can you find it?

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Right now I’m sounding like a snob. (I am a snob.) But some folks have a strong affection for such art. What they see in this work is a mystery. And I have never been given a real explanation. Of course, I’ve never asked.