Paul McCartney

31 10 2011

I don’t know why. Like many people of my generation I was buried in Beatles lore. When the Beatles broke up everyone felt they had to pick a camp. I picked Lennon. I’d always found McCartney’s songs a bit sappy. I thought that Paul was the song and dance man and that Lennon was the artist. Turns out I was wrong. They are both artists. You have to investigate McCartney. He has taken an interest in all kinds of artistic endeavours. They have not been greeted with wild enthusiasm. But then everything these guys did after the Beatles was judged by a different standard.

I love McCartney’s art. His paintings are really interesting. They have both an earnestness about them mixed with fun. He does not seem to have taken himself too seriously. But he does take his work seriously.

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31 10 2011
Sam Flowers

I am a fellow Lennonist too!

Bob Dylan has had a recent exhibition of his art, and I know that Joni Mitchell and Captain Beefheart painted too. I am sure there is a long list in fact of musicians who do art…

5 10 2012

I didn’t even know Paul McCartney made art. It’s quite nice….I was actually a MacCartney fan, but just because i liked everything opposite to my brother who like Lennon. I think he was underated in his way and kept the band glued together beyond its natural term. nice post…

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