Andy Warhol

31 10 2011

I sat in an auditorium for well over an hour. I was almost alone. It was an Andy Warhol film festival. And I was watching a film of the Empire State Building. I believe it was 8 hours long. I could be wrong. But who cares. It was like watching a postcard. I don’t know how people will think of Warhohl a hundred years from now. He may be seen like  his soup cans. A product. Of the 70s.

Warhol tried his hand at a lot of  things. Music, movies, painting, sculpture. Most of his work is derivative. I think there is much less to Warhohl then meets the eye. But he did do one thing. He pointed out that our society is filled with ideas. That a coca cola bottle is an idea. That Marilyn Monroe is an idea. That all entertainment or sports figures are ideas. As icons. Much like the religious icons of the middle ages. (Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the extras.)

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Here is the beginning of a documentary on Warhol. Its pretty interesting.



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