Wayne White

28 10 2011

There is a lot of shitty “art” in the world. I mean stuff that is mass produced for people’s living room. My parents had one. It was called “Singing Stream”. It was a Franz Johnson. I hated the painting. Especially after I saw a similar one at a friend’s house. It was only slightly different. As if they had moved the centre of the picture over about 6 inches. This is what it looks like except they changed the name to Smiling Stream. Smiling is a great improvement, don’t you think?

Now Franz Johnson was somehow related to the Group of Seven. Or maybe he was one of seven. Or seven of one. I get that mixed up. (Star Trek joke.) This painting sold recently. I guess my folks had a print. Even now that I have discovered its lineage, I still hate it. Still think its garbage.

Wayne White has found a way to save these kinds of painting. And I think he’s done a masterful job. He adds comments. Not underneath. In the damn painting. And they’re large. So large you can hardly see the painting. Which was the intention in the first place.

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One response

29 10 2011

Well I spent a lot of time looking at this above the fireplace . In those days I am sure it was considered a sophisticated home furnishing.. Anyway it was a house warming gift from our grandparents and I know Mom and Dad appreciated the thought. In that light I wouldn’t take it so seriously.
the lovely sister.

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