Philip Scott Johnson

24 10 2011

Its always fun to look at work by

Philip Scott Johnson.

The images are mesmerizing.

Fintan Magee

24 10 2011

Mr. Magee’s work like many of the street artists is big. They are our Cistene Chapels, our murals. Mr. Magee works in a realistic style. And they look to be real attention grabbers when you’re travelling down the street. The pieces work better on these large scales. Reduced to a computer screen they are not as impressive. Nor for that matter is the subject matter. But seen in these large formats they make you heart grow larger.

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Ashkan Honarvar

24 10 2011

There is something about collage work that demands an explanation. That is the case with Ashkan Honarvar.

The human body, torn by acts of war, exploited by the sex industry, or as tool for searching for your identity, is the focus point of the paintings, drawings and collages of Honarvar. Where this fascination of the dark side of the human existence comes from is something Honarvar tries to define in his art. 

Maybe. I do see that Honarvar is the most outfront with his collages. By that I mean that as soon as you look at one of his pieces you are drawn to his additions. Making sense of them in the context of the work comes later. Honarvar’s work almost makes more sense, or strikes you as more interesting the less you see of it. Better seen in a glance than a stare.

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