If you were English

19 10 2011

I remember as a kid having to get my version of a suit on. It was a pair of shorts. A white shirt. And a bow tie. And then a pair of brand new black shoes. My mother put gobs of something greasy (Brylcream) on my head and parted my hair. Sweeping my slicked down hair across my forehead. Like Hitler. Without the moustache. All of this to prepare me for a photograph. It was a ghastly experience. The kind of thing that you’d need years of therapy to get over. If you were English. We were Irish. So I drink.

A 59 productions Film. 59productions.co.uk/​

Made with the support of Film London and Channel4 filmlondon.org.uk/​

Written and Directed by Joseph Pierce
Produced by Mark Grimmer and Aneil Karia
Sound by Dominic Fitzgerald
Edited by Robbie Morrison
Cinematography by Liam Iandoli
Compositing by Andy Hague

Dmitry Makimov

19 10 2011

The word odd. Is odd. The second d seems to be there for company. Dmitry Makimov’s work is like that. It would make a good companion. It is odd. You can’t walk away from it without a bit of a smile on your face. They are daydreams. Something our thoughts wander into when they are tired and need a break. An elephant in a tunnel. I can’t get the image out of my head.

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