Fujiko Nakaya

16 10 2011

It might be hard to explain how a cloud could be a piece of art. Anyone who has seen a production of Macbeth knows how much of a factor weather conditions like fog are for Shakespeare. And it is dependent on one’s definition of art. But I’m not sure that’s relevant. What is this kind of installation like to experience? My only experience that would be comparable I think was an ice storm we had in Toronto in the 1960s. Everything stopped for days. It was like living inside of a snow shaker. All the branches of trees and wires in the area were covered with ice. There was little snow. The grass was green and glittering. The houses shone like mirrors. And the streets. We put on skates and skated for miles on the mostly perfectly smooth ice you can imagine. It seemed very much like our image of heaven. And perhaps that is the effect of one of Nakaya’s installments.

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