Leonard Cohen

7 10 2011

Leonard Cohen is one of my favourite public figures. He is a good poet. A so-so writer. A wonderful song writer. A better comedian. I think he always aspired to be Hank Williams. Or Lord Athol Layton. When he lands in a city it is like the fleet has landed. Smart people lock their daughters away. What people don’t realize is that he’s a bit of a dope. And folks don’t like to hear that. Especially women. They want to idolize him. And that’s what he is. An idol. By choice. He is a fraud. A Canadian wonder. Like Niagara Falls. Surrounded by cheap hotels. And lovers who had to get married.

Norman McLaren

7 10 2011

One of the most important relatively unknown film makers, Norman McLaren’s work has had a huge influence on many artists. This film is called Neighbours. It is almost mythologically clever. (Figure that one out.) The film harkens back to silent films. Especially the work of Charlie Chaplin. Perhaps McLaren was a little heavy handed in his intellectual drive. There is little pathos in this piece. Still it is fun to watch.