Misha Shenbrot

3 10 2011

One of the things about Misha Shenbrot is its balance. The pictures look like a painting from the middle ages. There are a number of stories operating at the same time. Or at least to the modern sensitivity. To someone in the middle ages it was assumed that these story lines took place at different times. Something like reading a comic book. Shenbrot’s stories are interesting. And there is a hierarchy in the stories which means the collages avoid that chaotic look. I added a work from the middle age, Dariusz caballeros.

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Pee Wee’s Playhouse

3 10 2011

When my son first started watching Pee Wee I must admit I became a fan. It was zany. Surreal. Hearty imagination but without the boogy man under the bed.  The cast of characters on the show were terrific. And unexpected.

and then there was Lawrence Fishburne. Hard to believe.

Here is an interview with Paul Ruebens