Allesandro Bavari

2 10 2011

This video is the stuff of nightmares. I think I’ve seen things like this when I was a kid. Not the same images necessarily but the unrelenting flood of horror. Now that I’ve said that you might be disappointed. Just imagine yourself dreaming. And each time you wake up you’re back in that dream. It is called Metachaos


Aakash Nihalani

2 10 2011

I don’t what to think of Aakash’s work. On the one hand it is definitely clever. And anything that can bring a smile to your face on the way to work has merit. On the other hand, what is it? Some might say that it doesn’t matter what it is. That’s always a tough one to come back on. You always end up sounding like some stiff in an ivory tower if you respond, ‘but of course it matters what it is.’  Perhaps AaKash’s work is just a nudge. ‘Move over a sec. Have another look at… this.’