John Brophy

28 09 2011

These pieces by John Brophy are very beautiful. His purpose was to contrast the beauty of the women against the message (propoganda) that they carry. Would these paintings then see the light of any church’s stained glass windows? Would they be appreciated by those who hold the Christian faith in great reverence? The artist is being naive if he does not see the new message that seems inherent in all the pics. And that is hypocrisy. That the church (or church members) looks up to Mary for guidance. And then commits terrible acts of violence and cruelty. Personally I appreciate truth. Even if it means that the things I have loved or brought up on have been tarnished.

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29 09 2011


29 09 2011
David Halliday

Saw your dad’s work. Beautiful pieces. Would like to blog about him. Let me know if that’s alright with you.

30 09 2011

Of course it is!

29 09 2011

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