Soupy Sales

22 09 2011

There was a show on when I was growing up. Maybe I was about 11 years old. It was on in the middle of the afternoon as I recall. It was meant for pre-schoolers but it was surreal in its comedy. The only other shows that affected me so much were The Steve Allen Show and The Ernie Kovacs Programme. The first excerpt here is a taste of the show.

In the next show the staff of the show decide to do a trick on Soupy. When he opens the door there is a beautiful naked  woman there. I saw the original show. You could not see the girl. Nor did you have any idea what was really going on. But there was something about that show that stuck in my head. For years.  It was so funny. And I didn’t know why. The following is an excerpt of what really happened. I imagine that Soupy must have thought his career was over.



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